That women may be deficient in their iron intake. Why women specifically? Because women lose iron at regular intervals as a result of menstruation. Some dermatologists believe that as we now eat less red meat, a key source of iron, some people are not eating enough iron and te is the result. Other potential deficiencies of the modern north american diet -- such as a lack of zinc, amino acid l-lysine, or vitamins b6 and b12 -- have also been suggested to contribute to te. When dietary deficiencies are suspected, supplements may be taken. However, supplements themselves can cause problems. Our bodies can only process so much iron each day. At high doses, iron is toxic and this can itself cause hair loss. generic viagra without prescription At really high doses, iron supplements will cause death. buy viagra without prescription Vitamin a supplements can also cause a te reaction in some individuals, as excessive vitamin a can also be toxic. generic viagra online Te can occur on its own or as part of another disease. The early stages of androgenetic alopecia (male or female pattern baldness, aga for short) are effectively te. Early aga is characterized by an increase in resting telogen hair follicles. Someone in the early stages of aga may have up to 40% of their scalp hair follicles in telogen. Te can also be a symptom of other conditions, such as inflammatory conditions like alopecia areata. viagra usage Hair follicles are particularly sensitive to thyroid hormones and about one third of individuals with a thyroid disorder have te. Exposure to toxins can also cause te as one of many symptoms. viagra usage Treatments for telogen effluvium how te is treated depends on what has activated it. viagra pills For short-term te that can be linked to a trigger like surgery, the best response is to sit tight and wait for the follicles to recover of their own accord. viagra side effects wikipedia For persistent te, if the causal factor can be isolated, then the best method is to remove it. buy viagra canada For example, if stress is the problem, stress reduction is the long-term answer. If a dietary deficiency appears on a blood test, then supplements can work. A deficiency in thyroid hormones can be treated with hormone supplements. viagra vs viagra uk However, often a specific causal factor cannot be identified. If this is the case, there are few tre.

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